Headers and Mufflers fit both 196cc/212cc

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Weenie pipe brace


Weenie pipe header and muffler brace for small header pipes only.

( ON ORDER) Rapp Thick Flange Weenie Pipe


Rapp Thick Flange Weenie Pipe. Fits 196cc and 212cc clone motors!

Aluminum or Black Aluminum Large Muffler Clamp


Box Stock Project Aluminum Muffler Clamp for large RLV muffler and large pipe.

BSP 196cc/212cc Stock Muffler


BSP 196cc/212cc Stock Muffler

RAPP clone weenie pipe (Crate Motor Class)


RAPP clone weenie pipe. Smooth block to pipe transition for excellent flow and less restriction. (BSP- 6.5 Clone's) Fits 196cc and 212cc clone motors! MADE IN THE USA! (Lega

RAPP T16 .880 Header Pipe


T16 .880" pipe

RLV 4104 Stock Muffler


RLV 4104 Stock muffler (B91XL 1-5/16") This is the muffler for "stock" 4 cycle classes and the BP clone classes. (Legal under all sanctioning bodies)

RLV Mini 91 Muffler only


RLV Mini 91 Muffler only. (Legal under all sanctioning bodies)