About The Box Stock Project

The Mission of the Box Stock Project!

The Box Stock Project is quickly becoming a new standard in kart racing. From the beginning, the intent was to have an affordable kart racing class where anyone can ride and have fun.

The concept is quite simple, let's make use of the older karting chassis lying around and go racing. The most important thing about the Box Stock Project has always been that it must have purpose, direction, tech and a set of rules that everyone in the class must adhere to.

The Box Stock Project Engine is the BSP yellow 6.5hp OHV 196cc, easily recognized by "Box Stock Project" stamped on the front of the block.

This engine is quality controlled by the factory and is sold just for racing.

The AKRA sets the rules for the Box Stock Project classes and can be found at www.4Cycle.com under the Clone engine forum area.

Race Directors and Event Promoters! -Add this engine and class to your track or series line up and watch it Grow!

Meet the Box Stock Project Site Staff:

The staff of the Box Stock Project has been involved in various areas of go-kart racing for over 20 years. The staff members have raced on the local, state and national levels and officiated and/or promoted races all over the southeastern United States.

In 2007, Jimmy Sims (President) developed the concept for a more affordable level of racing using a clone engine. The Box Stock Project, Inc. was the logical move to provide a source for the imported engines and parts.

The company has grown and now has dealers and distributors in basically all areas of the United States and Canada.