(NEW) JRPW Attack Series AKRA or NKA Machined Head.

SKU: 1115-R-NKA or 1115-R-AKRA
Price varies based on options.

JRPW attack series NKA head:    JRPW NKA head complete (Add $164.95)
JRPW Valve Job only:    Bare Head Valve Job Only (Add $69.95)
JRPW attack series AKRA head:   JRPW AKRA head complete (Add $195.00)
JRPW Valve Job And Porting Only:   JRPW Valve Job And Porting Only (Add $94.99)
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Every Attack Series NKA head is expertly prepaired and assembled with:

 A three angled valve job that is perfectly machined on a state of the art Rottler valve seat and guide machine.  Includes machined valves, hand picked springs, and rocker arms. Fully machined and assembled, ready to bolt on and go. No doubt about it, these are the absolute best prepared heads in the industry. 



Valve lift will need to be checked once installed to verify legality and performance.