Original Yellow Box Stock Project (196cc) Engine


ARC 6689 Billet Speedway Flywheel:   ARC 6689 Billet Speedway Flywheel (Add $110.00)
ARC Flywheel:   ARC Billet Aluminum Flywheel (Add $100.00)
BSP Gold Springs:   BSP Gold Springs (Add $13.99)
EV-6:   EV-6 (Add $48.00)
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Original Yellow Box Stock Project 6.5HP OHV (196cc) complete engine. With only the highest quality hand-picked BSP parts to include the following:


 Available options:

Black motor available under part# BSP100B 

For more info or if you have a specific engine application in mind that we do not have listed, give us a call and we can make it happen. Call 386-938-4211.

(Does not include: Flywheel, top plate, air filter adapter, chain guard, fuel pump, or air filter.)

 For competition racing only.