(On Order) BSP Gold Springs (Sold by the Pair) Made IN the USA!!!

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Guaranteed Legal pair:   Guaranteed Legal pair (Add $5.00)
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"NEW BSP Gold Springs"  Developed by and made exclusively for the Box Stock Project! Designed to be more affordable for the Karter without giving up quality or top performance! These Hi Tension springs provide greater nose pressure and overall poundage for longer periods of time than the typical race springs. Made with the latest technology in spring wire materials and heat treatment process’s that have just been introduced into the market for over all performance.

Fits 196cc and 212cc clone motors! 





Sold as a pair. (NOTE: We do not guarantee these springs to be legal under any kart sanctioning body. Must be adjusted accordingly. If you would like a set that is guaranteed legal it is $5.00 extra for a total of $20.00 per set. Just check that option.)

If you have questions on setting the springs please give us a call at 386-938-4211.