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BSP Gold Springs

"NEW" BSP Gold Springs
SKU: 1099---$15.00 (Sold by the Pair)
Developed by and made exclusively for the Box Stock Project! Designed to be more affordable for the Karter without giving up quality or top performance! These Hi Tension springs provide greater nose pressure and overall poundage for longer periods of time than the typical race springs. Made with the latest technology in spring wire materials and heat treatment processís that have just been introduced into the market for over all performance.

Sold as a pair. (NOTE: We do not guarantee these springs to be legal under any kart sanctioning body. Must be adjusted accordingly. If you would like a set that is guaranteed legal it is $5.00 extra for a total of $20.00 per set. Just check that option.)

If you have questions on setting the springs please give us a call at 386-938-4211.

-- Date added: 2018/01/18

Box Stock Sealed Crate Motor

Retail Price $275.99 to the racer!

Package Includes: BSP out of the box motor which contains (JT head, hardened heat treated crankshaft, BSP 4 camshaft, stock light weight piston with rings, stock light weight wrist pin, stock performance cast rod with T6 treatment), and green stripe springs for longevity, walbro fuel pump, ARC aluminum big bertha chain guard, RLV mini muffler, RAPP thin flange header pipe, BSP aluminum filter adapter, BSP aluminum top plate, BSP JLS aluminum flywheel rated and tested to 10,000 RPM?s which is certified through BALCO the industry leader in spin testing verification. All this is sealed with tamper proof seals that are tracked numerically and kept on file at Box Stock Project for verification. All this is done in house to insure consistency, fairness, and to cut down on cost to the racer.

We can build any package to meet your needs affordably!

We also offer stock fuel tanks, stock mufflers, stock springs, and stock air boxes with the filter element to fit our BSP motors to make them truly BOX STOCK!

If you have any questions please feel free to call us and we will be happy to help you out. 386-938-4211

Box Stock Project web site:

-- Date added: 2017/11/21

6689 GX200/196cc Clone Speedway Billet Flywheel

The new 6689 billet flywheel from ARC Racing has an ultra low drag fin design that will greatly reduce air drag on your AKRA racing engine, while still moving enough air for cooling. Less air drag on the flywheel means more power freed up throughout the power curve, especially on the top end. This flywheel is designed for oval track racing.
SKU#: SBK107-N

-- Date added: 2017/10/17

Coming soon!!!!!!

Soon we will have stock fuel tanks to fit the BSP 196cc and 212cc clone motors along with stock air boxes, and stock mufflers. We will be offering different packages for these motors to suite every track and racers needs. We will also have 212cc parts which include heads, blocks, side covers, pistons, rods, crankshafts and everything to fit our 212cc motor. Our 212cc parts allow all 196cc accessories to be used on them including top plates, chain guards and more. If you have any questions please give us a call at 386-938-4211

-- Date added: 2017/10/17